Enjoy learning German in the beautiful countryside in Germany
Learn German and profit from the modern facilities of a German boarding school
Learn German with the Humboldt-Institut and go to a German boarding school
For boys and girls we got a great program to learn & live in Germany
Learn German and get your musical education in Germany
Connect with your global peers at a German boarding school
Find your friends for life in our German courses or at a boarding school in Germany
Learn German swiftly and easily in small classes
Grow with the opportunities that you can find in German boarding school education
Graduate at a German university after finishing your Abitur

We guide you to find the best possible secondary education option for your child!

Our program “German + Boarding School” is specially designed for highly motivated students between 10 and 17 years of age, who wish to continue their studies in Germany and graduate from a German school.

Let's pave the way to your child's successful future together!

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More than 40 partner boarding schools all over Germany

Why decide for a Boarding School in Germany?

Going to school and living abroad for a period of time is a milestone in life – it encourages young people to broaden their horizon, to improve their language skills and to develop independence. Furthermore, it paves the way to a successful future in a job market that is becoming more and more international.

Germany – being one of the global leaders in research & science and providing an excellent educational system – is the perfect place to pursue such an experience! In a globalized world, where knowledge is considered as the most important resource, Germany offers excellent opportunities to lay the foundation for a successful international career.


  • Calendar Icon Program started in 2010
  • Students Icon > 1000 students enrolled
  • Globe Icon > 45 nationalities
  • University Icon > 40 partner boarding schools

Benefits for Parents

  • All services from one partner
  • Two prestigious boarding schools for German as a foreign language
  • Intensive support and supervision of your child
  • More than 40 years of experience with teaching international students
  • Cooperation with renowned boarding schools all over Germany

Benefits for Students

  • Fast and efficient German preparation
  • Insight into life and culture in Germany
  • Excellent academics
  • Development of personality and independence
  • Friendly and familiar atmosphere with intensive support and supervision
  • Entrance ticket for university in Germany
  • Laying the foundation for an international career

Our Services

Thanks to our comprehensive experience in education and boarding school counseling combined with a network of more than 40 renowned partner boarding schools spread all over Germany, we are your competent partner for secondary education in Germany! With the Humboldt-Institut you receive all services from one partner: We accompany your child through the whole application process, the German course at the Humboldt-Institut until the final transition to the secondary school of your choice!

The aspired goal of our program "German + Boarding School" for international students is to finish secondary education in Germany and to graduate with the German secondary education certificate “Abitur” (A-levels). The German "Abitur" is the entrance ticket for university admittance in Germany as well as a key to a successful career at home.

For international students looking for a temporary high school experience in Germany, we established a special short-term "Boarding School Experience" program with selected partner boarding schools.

For both programs the Humboldt German courses in Lindenberg and Bad Schussenried offer an excellent language preparation and our counseling service takes you through all application steps, anything from providing you with the necessary application forms to the final transition to the school of your choice. This service is free of charge in combination with the enrollment in our German courses.


Creative learning methods, activities, sports, trips on weekends and a lot more is what you should expect from Humboldt. Not a day goes by that you do not learn something new. Humboldt is organized in a way that you learn German within a really short period of time: The only thing you have to do is just get involved and be a part of it.

Martin (17), Albania

The counseling service we have received from Humboldt is truly exceptional. The constructive, flexible and student-oriented approach that Humboldt has taken to evaluate and admit a student is beyond the normal boundary. Undoubtedly, Humboldt is your number one choice to study the German language and to find a Gymnasium that fits your individual needs.

Yun X. (mother), China

I spend seven months with Humboldt and the German course really helped me. We also spoke German in the boarding house, which was very helpful. I love the teachers. They explained everything clearly and in great detail. Now I am attending Schule Birklehof as a sixth grader. I hope to be back at Humboldt during my summer vacation.

Seongju (12), South Korea

Humboldt not only helped me to improve my German, they also helped me to enlarge my vision and learn about other cultures. Thanks to the amazing experiences I had in Humboldt, I became a world citizen, who now has greater understanding for other cultures.

Emir (20), Turkey

This year I will graduate with the Abitur from Burgberg-Gymnasium. The German language preparation at the Humboldt-Institut gave me a solid basis for my subsequent education in Germany. This is why I had only very few difficulties and could adapt very well to the German school system.

Lyuyan (18), China

Humboldt helped us a lot by providing several options with explanations for each school to make an informed decision. The process of admission with Humboldt was smooth as the staff is professional and efficient. Humboldt also helped us with visa documents a lot.

Why Education, Ukraine
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Please see the brochure with detailed profiles of all our partner boarding schools in Germany. The price list can also be found in the appendix of the brochure.


Kathrin Heiden
Personal Assistant to the Academic Director