Find out what students, parents, educational consultants and schools have to say about the Humboldt-Institut and going to school in Germany.

Students and parents

My time at the Humboldt-Institut started really well because I met so many new people and quickly made friends. Humboldt is a great place to learn German. After only a short time I can now speak German quite well. The teachers and staff members are all very friendly. For the Humboldt-Institut has become a home away from home.

Son (16), Vietnam

The time with Humboldt was a lot of fun because I made many new friends. The staff was nice and friendly to everyone which I think is very important. My family and I were very happy that Humboldt managed to find a school for me so quickly.

Anastasiia (15), Ukraine

Sending our son abroad was hard enough, but Humboldt made it worth the time and the money. We think Humboldt is the appropriate institute for anyone who is seriously involved in studying German.

Blerona H. and Lauren S. (parents), Albania

We are very grateful to the Humboldt-Institut for helping our children to manage the transition efficiently from an English-language based system to the German one. The children enjoyed the experience.

Ashok and Vivienne P. (parents), India

My brother and I felt very comfortable in Bad Schussenried and we both improved our German a lot. I really liked the excursions that the school offered on the weekends.

Eunpaeck (14), South Korea

Humboldt has played a huge role in my life. It's like a second family. I also learned to speak German and am now able to go to a German school. You learn a lot about Germany on the many excursions, too.

Deepti (15), India

When I came here I couldn't speak any German. Now I am able to say and explain almost everything in German. My first days were challenging because I didn't know anyone. But now I am fine. I made many new friends from various cultures. Learning at the Humboldt-Institut is very intense because it only takes a short amount of time. After class we can choose from many different activities. You can play games, do sports, craft and paint. A very special feature are the two excursions per week.

Suleyman (16), Turkmenistan

My two daughters both experienced wonderful learning periods in Humboldt‘s picturesque campuses and friendly boarding community. The small-class approach and the variety of nationality of students in a boarding house will bring a lot of fun and cultural exchanges to each student and thus releases the tense and pressure of the study. It is also worth to highlight that the meals in Humboldt‘s boarding schools are really good. I wish to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to Humboldt‘s teachers and boarding school managers in Lindenberg and Bad Schussenried to give a memorable period to my daughters in their young learning period.

Simon C. (father), Hong Kong

In Vietnam, my sons have studied a bilingual UK program. I never thought that one day both of them would join a school in Germany. But when I checked the Humboldt-Institut website and got in contact with the counseling team, all of my family members have changed their idea to join the German education system.
My elder son was very happy during his Humboldt time. Now he is in Germany for almost 2 years and has become a “very real German boy”. I would like to say thanks to the help of teachers and counselors at the Humboldt-Institut. My younger son will join the German program this summer. I feel very satisfied with the support and flexibility of the Humboldt staff.

Thu Ha P. (mother), Vietnam

I started learning German in Russia, but it wasn't enough for me because I could not practice. Now I learn German at the Humboldt-Institut. On my first day I was quite nervous since my German wasn't so good. I quickly made new friends as everyone here is nice and friendly. Everyone is eager to help you in case of problems or when you are a new student. The Humboldt-Institut offers many ways to learn and improve your German and make friends with students from many different countries.

Dariya (15), Russia

When I first arrived at the Humboldt-Institut everything was completely new to me. I didn't understand anything although I already started to learn German back home in Vietnam. After just one week I became much better and could understand more and more. I also made a lot of new friends which helped me a lot to quickly overcome my initial homesickness. Now I pretty much enjoy my life here. Everything is just great! The teachers are all very friendly, they are very committed to their job and provide excellent teaching material.
Also the atmosphere here is a big plus. All students are very motivated to learn. This is why I can learn better too and improve my German level. I can recommend the Humboldt-Institut to everyone who would like to learn German in Germany!

Nam (15), Vietnam

Very quickly I made new friends at the Humboldt-Institut. My class comprises young students from different cultures. I share my room with a Chinese student. Personally, I enjoy learning more about different cultures and compare them with mine.
I also like learning at the Humboldt-Institut. Our teachers use various methods to help us understand better and enjoy lessons. The proposed activities are great, too. Everyday we can choose between different activities. Yesterday we went swimming, today we play football and tomorrow we will do a creative crafts project. The Humboldt-Institut really has become my second home.

Sevil (16), Russia

My stay at the Humboldt-Institut was certainly one of the best and most important experiences of my life. After only six months, the Institute taught me enough language skills to be able to attend a secondary school right after my course. The leisure activities were enjoyable and educative, too. Overall a wonderful experience.

Raj (18), India

My German course with Humboldt was very helpful. I learned a lot about Germany and made many new friends. All while learning German fast and efficiently.

Tung (17), Vietnam

This year I will graduate with the Abitur from Burgberg-Gymnasium. The German language preparation at the Humboldt-Institut gave me a solid basis for my subsequent education in Germany. This is why I had only very few difficulties and could adapt very well to the German school system.

Lyuyan (18), China

Humboldt not only helped me to improve my German, they also helped me to enlarge my vision and learn about other cultures. Thanks to the amazing experiences I had in Humboldt, I became a world citizen, who now has greater understanding for other cultures.

Emir (20), Turkey

I spend seven months with Humboldt and the German course really helped me. We also spoke German in the boarding house, which was very helpful. I love the teachers. They explained everything clearly and in great detail. Now I am attending Schule Birklehof as a sixth grader. I hope to be back at Humboldt during my summer vacation.

Seongju (12), South Korea

The counseling service we have received from Humboldt is truly exceptional. The constructive, flexible and student-oriented approach that Humboldt has taken to evaluate and admit a student is beyond the normal boundary. Undoubtedly, Humboldt is your number one choice to study the German language and to find a Gymnasium that fits your individual needs.

Yun X. (mother), China

Creative learning methods, activities, sports, trips on weekends and a lot more is what you should expect from Humboldt. Not a day goes by that you do not learn something new. Humboldt is organized in a way that you learn German within a really short period of time: The only thing you have to do is just get involved and be a part of it.

Martin (17), Albania

Partner boarding schools

For many years we run a cooperation with the Humboldt-Institut. Together we have developed a program to prepare international students for schooling in Germany and have refined this program over the past years. At the Humboldt-Institut, international students are prepared in an intensive program so that they have good chances to master the demanding curriculum of a German Gymnasium such as Schule Schloss Salem. We receive regular reports on our students' progress and exchange on topics such as German as a foreign language and visa related issues on a regular basis.

Karsten Schlüter, Head of the International Office, Schule Schloss Salem

Like many other boarding schools in Germany Schloss Buldern has granted admission to an increasing number of international students. With the variety of different languages, cultures and educational forms, it is often difficult to find the most suitable students. Therefore, it is even more important to have a competent and reliable partner for a long-term partnership: the Humboldt-Institut. Students do not only receive their German language training with Humboldt, they are also well prepared on an intercultural level for their live in Germany.

Carsten Dierk, Managing Director, Internat Schloss Buldern

The Humboldt-Institut is a reliable and very competent partner for many years when it comes to German courses and boarding school counseling. We can always rely on a very high level of quality. In Humboldt's German courses, the students are supported individually and carefully prepared for school attendance in Germany. The counseling process is responsible and transparent so that we can successfully face challenges together.

Johannes Treude, Principal, Zinzendorfschulen

We enjoy working together with the Humboldt-Institut because their students are well counseled regarding the German school system and enjoy an excellent German preparation before joining Schule Birklehof with a successfully passed B2 level.

Jens-Arne Buttkereit, Managing Director, Schule Birklehof e. V.

We cooperate succesfully with the Humboldt-Institut for many years. Our international students from all over the world are perfectly prepared at the Humboldt-Institut for a successful attendance of the Pädagogium Bad Sachsa.

Torsten Schwark, Deputy Principal and Head of Boarding, Pädagogium Bad Sachsa

We are very happy to cooperate with the Humboldt-Institut. The institute is a competent partner and prepares students very well for their academic future at the Louisenlund boarding school.

Kirsten Conradi, International Admissions, Stiftung Louisenlund

Our mutually-beneficial relationship with the Humboldt-Institut has been one of our most reliable and rewarding partnerships through the years. The professional classroom instruction and superb boarding facilities have always provided students with the optimal linguistic and cultural preparation to ensure a smooth transition to life here at a German boarding school, and ultimately succeed in the classroom.
At the various campuses of the Humboldt-Institut, I have always been impressed by the friendly and passionate staff, who clearly love what they do for a living. This not only makes working with them a pleasure for us, but more importantly creates an environment of living and learning that motivates students and promotes their learning in a natural and fun manner.

Adam Cloer, Director of International Affairs, Schloss-Schule Kirchberg

A fair share of our most high-performing international students have learned German with the Humboldt-Institut. The continuous and detailed performance reports of the institute are very helpful for us as to prepare for the arrival of those students. Communication with Humboldt is just perfect: E-Mails are answered promptly and request are dealt with quickly.

Heidi Yuki Schwenger, International Department & Marketing, Schulzentrum Marienhöhe

Educational consultants

Humboldt is a very productive, supportive and responsive organization. Additionally, the admission team is always willing to provide helpful information and recommendations that meet the expectations of students and parents. We are grateful to receive positive feedback from our students studying at the Humboldt-Institut.

GLN, Vietnam

For many years now we cooperate with the Humboldt-Institut. Humboldt is a very competent and reliable partner. All our student feel at ease and make good progress within a short amount of time. We are very happy to have a long-term partner with the Humboldt-Institut.

DEGAO, China

My experiences with Humboldt are entirely positive! Students have been taken care of very well. Parents receive all important information and the Humboldt staff is always competent, helpful and reliable. Even special request are handled fast and effective.

Prof. Dr. Thi Phuong Hoa Nguyen, Vietnam

I believe that only the Humboldt-Institut will enable young students to achieve German B2 level within 6 months, thanks to its very effective lessons. My two students successfully completed an intensive German course at the Humboldt-Institut, and now they are very happy at Schule Birklehof.

Dave Institute, South Korea

The dual admission model (German course + Boarding school) is very suitable for our Chinese students. Humboldt's systematic language training helps our students to rapidly improve their German level and communication abilities. Humboldt's counseling service is very efficient, the boarding schools are excellent and our students are satisfied with their boarding schools in Germany.

Beijing Whalestone Culture & Creative Co. Ltd., China

We work together with the Humboldt-Institut from the very beginning of our business and will certainly do so for the foreseeable future. The school is enjoying a great reputation due to their very efficient and consequent language training oriented on language skills in the first place. We appreciate as well the school‘s high values of educational and ethical principles especially under consideration of a highly competitive market. The counseling staff works highly motivated and provides information in a timely manner. Their grammar school recommendations are always in line with the needs and expectations of the students and parents.

Triple H Consulting, Solingen

Humboldt helped us a lot by providing several options with explanations for each school to make an informed decision. The process of admission with Humboldt was smooth as the staff is professional and efficient. Humboldt also helped us with visa documents a lot.

Why Education, Ukraine

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