Counseling & Placement

When you start thinking about your favorite school, please have in mind the following questions:

  • What is the annual budget you are willing to spend on secondary education?
  • Do you have any preferences concerning the location of the boarding school?
  • Are there any special interests the school should cover?
  • Are there any special interests outside the school which have an influence on your choice?
  • Is the size of the school or the size of the classes important to you?
  • Are there any other relevant criteria for your choice?

Our counseling team will be your partner for all steps, anything from application at the secondary school of your choice to the planning of the German course until school transition – this ensures an effective and successful counseling process!

Please contact us to receive more information on the application process and on our intensive German courses. We will send all information necessary to process your application and help you to find the most suitable boarding school among our partner schools.


Kathrin Heiden
Personal Assistant to the Academic Director

If you have any questions:

For further information and answers please see our FAQ.
Please contact us for your personal offer.